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Full Version: Trying to draw an Avali - Reference Material
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This is a little art dump where I show my numerous attempts to draw an Avali.

Here's me trying to draw an Avali head.
[Image: fHlnLsK.png]
And this is how I got there:
[Image: rr68BPO.png]
[Image: sai6eRQ.png]

I dunno if anyone can learn from my blundering, but here ya go.
Kudos for being able to get even a decent looking head.
I've tried and failed multiple times to draw Avali. They're quite difficult to get right.
Well... I kinda got carried away during the coloring stage. But now I have a complete avatar! :3

EDIT: I just realized how realistic the gradient is when you look at where the lighting is... The funny thing is I didn't plan it at all that way...
You're not alone: take a gander at this disgrace.

I did this in less than a day with MS Paint, and about 1/4 of that time was spent on the head. The ears look like they were pasted on or some shit, no depth whatsoever.
I've drawn one recently that might help you

[Image: doobl_valis_by_reksanden-dalfnfq.png]
(10-21-2016, 05:47 AM)Reks Wrote: [ -> ]I've drawn one recently that might help you

[Image: doobl_valis_by_reksanden-dalfnfq.png]

Thanks, this'll come in handy. I've been looking for a decent front-view of the head.
Here  is a recent attempt to figure out how front views work.

I don't know if it'll help anyone, but it's worth posting...
[Image: y8857pu.jpg]
Finished Product:
I digitized a sketch. I made a rough outline, but I spent tons of time filling it in (I got carried away and it was so much fun), so it ended up being the final outline...
How do you do legs? I can't seem to make legs and arm feathers.