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Have you considered using a emulator? A little while back, I found one that could do command and conquer a while back
*several energy blade slkashes cut opened the door
[Image: tumblr_or5esx2EqR1s61fnro1_1280.png]
AaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA to you too sir
*looks at the remains of the door* at this rate we might as well not have a door.

Also that's an extremely cute picture and uh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa? Why?

P.S. Better hope Reks doesn't show up or the tease will be real. Or that's what I expect.
Currently in the partial process of moving to a new house.
[Image: e4e77227fe0e894edbdbabf67fb818f0.png]
[external screaming]
doom theme screaming, okay not exactly the doom marine's armor but still that's what I chould think of for shark surge armor.
I can't figure out what to even do with this concept now that it's this far in except continue to tweak and polish it
had to go to the dentist due to agonizing tooth ache
how naive i was
said tooth had to be pulled
my definition of agony was redifined at that moment

also if we posting self made chicken scratches
[Image: EKVwoOS.png]
hoping to use this as a template for future character designs for vidya
Press F to pay respects
So FFXIV has consumed my life.... And then I hit 50, got super frustrated cause I gotta wait even -longer- to reach the job I want, and just decided to take it easy until next Friday when the new expansion drops.

For the people who preordered it, anyway.
I should do a proper review of DiRT 4 but the short version for now is: it's a good game that isn't caught up in being a purist dream like many modern racers, it's just a fun video game that wants you to enjoy it.
I like having a picture of me in a link costume. It's great. I would've never known how awesome it is otherwise.


Also I'm bored good night.
Just so you know. I won't be able to be on here till saturday so sorry rp people if you do anything.
So my old phone finally gave up the ghost last night.
Today I was able to go out and get a brand new one at a reasonable deal, even after the monthly bill for the new carrier and the monthly payments for a flagship phone my family's mobile bill has gone down $20 because of me getting a new phone.
fixed carrier?
[Image: f3d82497c8d9a72539ad1d7cd5ef5e82.png]
Apparently I'm doing this again
shark surge is more like a proper spess marine now
That's just a mech though...
Hi I'm back and with blaster master zero on my 3ds which is not related to why I was gone but I am loving that game right now. It's great.