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I check maybe once a week? Not sure what any of us would use this forum for anymore but habits die hard I guess.
Yeah, it happened and it happened hard. Time's a bitch, hah.

On an unrelated note: what's everyone been getting themselves occupied with? I've been doing a lot of FFXIV raiding for a bit now. Shadowbringers has baited me in like a goddamn salmon... or some other fish.
I've said it before.  Forums allow a more distanced approach to messages.  One where you can hop on pretty late after the last time someone said something in like a RP.  And you won't have 200 messages, or 2000.  But it is still generally public.  So it's only as exclusive as people choose it to be.  Where chatboxes and such can totally accomplish such.  It requires an extremely exclusive approach to garner the same circumstance and capability.  I still like forums for the interactions that are allotted.  Just wish they didn't drop in popularity instantly.
I've been livestreaming and holding down a job for the most part.
Streaming? Neat. Any game in particular? I'm assuming Destiny for the most part given past posts.

I've done a bit of streaming in the past but I'm rather laidback and infrequent with it.
These days I actually stream mostly Starsector, Destiny has a really saturated community that it's hard to break into and just as well I have hundreds of hours into Starsector prior so I know it well enough to offer a lot to new players looking to learn about the game from my stream.
Think I've vaguely seen Starsector around in my friends list, but not entirely sure what it is. Suppose I could just look it up.

But yeah, that's understandable. I started off with streaming in my Vermintide craze but I've shifted away from it since. I've become far more variety-inclined afterward, though I barely stream to begin with so I don't suppose that's entirely otherworldly.
Well that was annoying. Site refused to accept my password even though I was typing it in correctly. Just had to reset my password.

I was gonna say though.

I've only streamed once in my life. Elite dangerous. Have no interest in streaming again. I'm apparently "better than average" at games and I don't need to get a big head. Hard enough breaking myself down. So I stick to being an inconsequential denominator.
Ugly, manic laughter from the void
(04-12-2020, 10:08 PM)Comito Wrote: [ -> ]Ugly, manic laughter from the void

You have a manic breakdown like I did a few days ago?  Friends are awesome though.
The void calls out once more!
It never stopped.
I thought it was the screaming that never stopped.
With the populations, the screaming never technically does.  There will always at any moment in time be at least one person screaming for their life somewhere on the planet.  Let alone beyond if such potential exists.  It is an inevitability.

But it is best not to think of these things for too long?
Well I mean you can just scream at any time, doesn't have to be for your life. Screaming is a completely legal recreational activity to keep the existential suffering of life away.
It's not really okay to force your suffering unto others though.    Otherwise yes.
the power of screaming truly is something. so much EMOTION gone

But I digress, how's everyone holding up in our gamer chairs with a pandemic and all?
Haha I'm an essential worker I my routine is unchanged but more stressful.
There is no change for me whatsoever.  In fact, I'm actually less stressed than normal because it's easier to get groceries right now.  Normally i'd sometimes have to go a month without being able to go shopping for food.  It's nice.
Staying home from work for a month ended up revealing a few things about the kind of work environment I've been dealing with. I might very well not go back, by choice, in order to pursue a different job somewhere else. Really need to stop putting it off and get looking, unemployment does eventually stop paying out.