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this is going down in history.. - Cereal - 10-29-2016

I don't know why I keep referencing that shit, but let me do away with that for a single post.

Hi, I'm Cereal. Treader of WoW and RPH shit alike.

Granted, I've experienced a lot of shit, but I've also been trying to sharpen my skills at roleplaying as it stands.

Which leads me into my next few lines.

- How exactly would I join in on the RP.

- Who would I question for some characters of mine. (That remain rather exotic in a sense, but have purpose here through this, "The third change is more minor, but dimensional portals exist, and are far easier to use. Many people have come from other dimensions, and thus an easy method of travel between them has been established. One cannot easily and quickly open and close a portal on a whim, but portal transfer stations are abundant on the Eden, and a few villages on Nexus have them as well.", yes i'm an exotic little faggot but i'd want some clearance, which pretty much decides whom i'm going to be and what i'm going to do.)

[granted if you know what my profile picture is, you know vaguely enough of what i plan to do]

Eitherway, I hope things to go for the best, albeit I'm able to adapt.

I think this might be a little fun.

if you want to be villain number one.. . .

RE: this is going down in history.. - Shaadaris - 10-29-2016

[Image: nLZiWgv.gif]
You've been giffed by the unofficial giffing bureau.

Anyway, for RP regulations, rules, and dos and don'ts, you should probably talk to Umbra, as he's pretty much the closest thing to a GM the Semiserious RP has.

RE: this is going down in history.. - Sock of Retribution - 11-02-2016


What'd he say?
Oh yeah!

It's the Nexus!