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Commission get.

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meanwhile on discord.
(11-16-2016, 09:37 PM)Surge Wrote: [ -> ][Image: unknown.png]
meanwhile on discord.

Everyone is free to pick who they want to be yeah?  Hehehehe.
Meme status: 5/7

Status required to evolve: Gnome_Kid/Hugh_Mungus
(11-16-2016, 09:37 PM)Surge Wrote: [ -> ][Image: unknown.png]
meanwhile on discord.

or maybe humanity is the refuse bin of furries
umby drop, this place is getting boring tho
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apperently this is a repost, damnit

Does anyone have those songs that are lodged into your head and are attached to certain topics? Whenever you hear that song, you can't help but think of whatever you linked it to in the past? It's a blessing and a curse.
Oh man, 5 and a half hours of megamek. What a battle though.
We were asked to defend an under-construction fortification on Trondheim against a rogue battlemech company, from the DCMS, the Ronin had offered up 6 mechs against our 6, but our force was being augmented by reinforcements from the 2nd An Ting Legion, 2 mechs rounding us to 2 full lances. The battlefield lent itself very well to drawn out standoff tactics, so I made the call to hunker down and bait them in.
The battle was a bit slow at first, we traded at range scoring a few minor but important hits, things got interesting when we noticed an enemy light mech trying to go around us. I ran out to respond with my Firefly, instructing everyone else to stay put, taking the brunt of the much faster light's firepower to my rear arc, but I ultimately succeeded in driving it off with some intermittent support from our Griffin, unfortunately by that point their Vulcan had closed with me, and I was caught out alone by a larger enemy mech. As this was going on my teammates had successfully crippled the Shadowhawk (who eloquently responded to our demands of surrender by flipping us off with his remaining arm), hammered the Dragon into barely-standing paste, and outright crippled the Jenner when he tried to go around our line in the opposite. They also noticed the Sentinel out by itself, an opportunity to use terrain to advance on it safe from the enemy heavy mechs, and promptly exploded the ever living fuck out of the Sentinel while I dueled with the Vulcan.
My duel with the Vulcan however...was not going well, one of my heatsinks had been shot out and between the reduced heat capacity and the ever present gout of flame shooting out of the Vulcan and over my mech I was finding it difficult to effectively fight back, as the battle shifted onto the hill that my teammates had used to advance on the Sentinel I was finally able to procure some substantial fire support...right as a good kick from the Vulcan knocked my leg out of its joint and sent me tumbling to the ground.
I was not going to die there though, no, this was not my end. In extremely short order I dragged my mech onto its foot, carefully balancing it for one last volley of laser fire into the Vulcan as an entire lance opened fire on it, ripping it apart in mere seconds. As I attempted to find my bearings, now far removed from the battle and unable to rejoin it, my teammates encircled the enemy commander and his Thunderbolt, quickly demanding his surrender lest they rip him apart like they did the Vulcan, and so the Thunderbolt singled my crippled mech out on comms to agree to surrender.
At this point it was just mop-up though, we wanted the Dragon intact but an (un)lucky hit detonated its ammo bin, ripping the mech apart from the inside out, and despite our efforts the insolent Shadowhawk escaped mostly intact. All 5 of the objectives we had been deployed to protect were intact (in fact the engineers were watching the battle rage while they ate their lunch, ungrateful bastards), our DCMS liaison was not only okay, his mech had not suffered any armor breaches, and was without a doubt invaluable to the battle going so dramatically in our favor, most importantly though, outside of my Firefly every single one of our mechs was totally intact, many of them had only suffered superficial damage at best.
So it was decided that my "30 ton assault mech" and leadership makes me the pilot of the week for this mission, both by DM and player decision.
started playing stellaris
first contact was with humans
as humans

then they threw a hissy fit and declared me as their rival

'as long as there's two people humans left on the planet galaxy, someone's gonna want someone dead'

i also found some pre-space-age chuthulu folk and became their alien overlord. i did not expect this to happen

I loved that book.
You know, for having half the regular activity that was here 1 year ago, you guys sure are consistent about buttonmashing F5.
so what's the story behind that 'welcome gif' and why does it vibrate
(11-18-2016, 05:24 PM)OdinYggd Wrote: [ -> ]You know, for having half the regular activity that was here 1 year ago, you guys sure are consistent about buttonmashing F5.
Server traffic probably looks like a plateau at this point.
(11-18-2016, 05:56 PM)SilverOtter Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-18-2016, 05:24 PM)OdinYggd Wrote: [ -> ]You know, for having half the regular activity that was here 1 year ago, you guys sure are consistent about buttonmashing F5.
Server traffic probably looks like a plateau at this point.

It really doesn't. Just a steady decline, as all sites do when the community they contain doesn't have a way to attract new members.

1 year of statistics shows that our traffic counts are almost exactly half of what they were last year and have decreased steadily the whole time.
no avali news = no activity
Publicity through news is best, but publicity through things like videos, music, art, and the like also work.
I like to think of any smaller community as a cult, you know when you're in and once your in, there's no true escape.
kinda weird coming here on the premise of X, and then seeing it fairly overshadowed by a bunch of other things
how did i get here again?

also eagerly waiting for things and not hearing anything about them is pain
protect me, video games, distract me from the gruelingly slow passage of time
I've decided I hate being an admin on a discord server.
I just had to make a PSA in mod chat about acceptable size of underwear bulges in art of male characters, because somebody has a loose definition of what is and is not sexualized
It's a strictly SFW server too.
So yeah I'm pretty annoyed I had to have that discussion.
And people wonder why moderators often get a reputation for being abusive.

The stupid things they have to deal with on a regular basis, banning people is a necessary release of frustration.